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Our team believes strongly in the abilities of high-performers in the workplace. It’s our mission to coach and grow them into a new class of employee – elite performers.



The elite performer is always looking for the next goal to achieve and the next mountain to climb. In the workplace, these individuals and their drive heavily influence the company culture and the performance of those around them. We have created an experience that allows them to access that drive and fine tune the mechanisms that drive their performance.

Our Elite performance experience is built for competitive and high achieving women who have the drive to win and are relentless in achieving their potential. We believe Elite Performance is the key to the Elite Performance of the entire workforce.



We believe that peak professional performance can be achieved when all of these 6 life areas have consistent growth and are made a priority in a female leader’s life.

Career 01 Relationships 02 Health 03 Financial 04 Mental Health 05 Kids 06 Download Brochure



We are a women’s healthcare research company who use a combination of story-training and media-driven experiences that engages high-performing women.

The ability to learn about overcoming your own challenges and working through barriers in life through the story of another’s will help open the door for higher levels of performance. The activities paired with the stories in this experience are carefully designed to get to the core of a woman’s drive and propel them toward being an Elite Performer.

This experience is created to give a high-performer ongoing introspection, assessments and coaching that maintains Elite Performance. This is a time in a woman’s life where her career, personal life, beauty, and all other aspects of her life can be overwhelmingly positively affected by taking control of several areas that impact performance. We aim to create a ripple effect in those areas by solidifying that she is Elite.


IMPACT C-SUITE Performance is vital to a company’s ability to keep ahead of their competition and a core component tied to shareholder value. Our experience allows shareholder value to increase by a minimum of $8 in spend for every dollar spent on The Elite. Raise productivity by up to 31% and accuracy by 19%

IMPACT Management Coaching employees is the most difficult to keep consistent. Each of our members are held accountable to their progress with frequent coaching touchpoints. Coaches are fully vetted and have a Dual-Masters degree requirement - ensuring that each of your high-performers are coached by Elite Performers. 1x1 Coaching can increase productivity up to 85%

IMPACT Bottom Line We stand by our ability to turn the high achiever into one of The Elite. A high-performing woman in who works with our team will gain a level of control that allows her to achieve higher tiers of excellence in her career, her health, and at home. High Performer Turnover Costs Up To 213% of Salary



Clients Testimonials

Hear what our members have to say about how we’ve helped them and their relationships

When my sales started to drop, it was devastating. Although motivated to fix the problem, I was at a standstill from having lost so much control in an area I've always excelled at. They shed light on the emotions that I was allowing myself to give into and helped me break out of that mentality completely.
Samantha B. Member
No high-achieving female believes that they'll lose control over any element of their life... we work hard to achieve what we've set out for. But the moment that I did lose some control in my personal life, this helped increase my confidence and give me a laser focus on my priorities.
Tabetha S. Member
My marriage is so important to me and I want to make the best out of the 10+ years we've spent together. With what they've created, it's shed a whole new light on how I approach my relationship, which has had a huge impact on other areas of life.
Annette P. Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’re here to help!

What is FREE HER?

FREE HER will help you achieve more with its lifestyle, experiences, community and fresh approach.

Our research has led us to create a systematic method to uncover and resolve problems that have risen in a woman’s life that she needs to solve. By creating an environment that allows introspection and creates a new filter, she discovers how to solve those problems and capture, categorize, and sequence her approach to build momentum and maximize success in her life.

The Elite Performance experience braids together elements of neuroscience, psychology, physiology, behavioral management, emotional health, relationship success, high-performance training that allow her to transform and maintain her knowledge that she is The Elite.

This experience is completely different from others. It replaces traditional career and performance coaching, boot camps, programs – your transformation will be easier, faster, 100% sustainable. In as little as 5 minutes a day you’ll gently rebuild and reset your lifestyle. We’ll be with you always as your support and guide.


We create great life stories by showing women that they are The Elite. Counseling, therapists, coaches, boot camps, programs, books whose products as an industry haven’t worked over the past 125 years. That has inspired our team to take a completely different approach that is effective for high-achieving women.

There is no other story-learning experience that has near the impact that we’ve been able to achieve in such a short period of time. We believe in living a lifestyle of The Elite, not a quick fix. The women who benefit the most are those who have the determination and drive to achieve the most in life and will do what it takes over their lifetime to achieve complete fulfillment.

How Much Time Is Required?

We move fast and adapt to your schedule. You can fit us in between meetings, right before you go to sleep, or whenever you find 5-10 minutes per day to work on reframing your mindset.