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It felt good when he left. She felt like peace was restored in her home.

Without hearing him next to her, breathing, moving, she was able sleep through the night. But even though there were some improvements, something felt off. It felt wrong for some reason, to send him away. The separation seemed to reinforce the space between them, which was beginning to gain a permanent status.

As she entered the Free Her system, she noted that finding quiet was central to their program. She hated the idea of being quiet, because she feared what she might hear. She always chose to press forward, ignore the noise, and achieve her goals. The devastation of her marriage caused her to humble herself and look for solutions, but the solutions appeared easier to do from a distance.

The truth of her fear was amazing. Fear stood there as the main culprit that had destroyed her marriage – fear on his side and fear on her side. They both were guilty. He was guilty of action, and she was both horrified and relieved to find out that she was guilty of attitude. She feared losing him. When he began to drift away, her tongue became bitter and ugly. Fear spoke up every day and in every way to her husband.

The Fear Her system guided her to face her fears, heal herself, and step toward him. She did, and was surprised by the joy that she felt as she got closer to him, closer than they had ever been before. When she stepped toward him in forgiveness and with a spirit of peace, he was unnerved. He knew how to handle the anger and bitterness, but this quiet woman shook him. Her stillness allowed her beauty to shine through. It was the same beauty that he was drawn to when they first started dating, and it was the beauty hidden when the fear rose up that she might lose him before she actually did.

He began hanging around the house at first, fixing things that had long been broken, installing things she had asked for a long time ago. She was surprised to find that she still had desire for this man, a deep desire, feelings she hadn’t felt for a long time. LUV, Living the truth, Unconditionally, and Very intentionally, was flowing freely through her and she loved how it protected and nurtured her. LUV had given her the footing that she needed to face the deep pain of what he had done, and now LUV was drawing her back to him. She was falling in love with him again and he with her. One night, he asked to stay and she said yes. Later in bed he whispered to her, “I want to stay forever. I love you.” She wept as the joy overflowed and continued to heal her hope. He was home. The relationship was healing and becoming whole.

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