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She sent her husband away. She was tired of having him around and facing the complicated feelings that came with his presence.

He loved having permission to leave – to leave her, to leave the family. He increased his hours at work and enjoyed the additional money flowing into his account. He was faithful to his financial responsibilities to the family, but loved having that extra secret money. And the secret time to do whatever he wanted.

His father had touched one of their daughters inappropriately. He had confronted his dad, and he confessed to getting carried away during a tickle fight. The granddaughter knew it was wrong and told her mother right away. She told the father, but he cast doubt on the child’s feelings and they ignored the issue for a while. And then it happened with another daughter. The mother believed her daughters, and knew it was only going to get worse. She faced something she had known for a long time: her father-in-law was a pedophile and abuser.

The fights were horrible. He denied that his father had intentionally done anything wrong. Soon it was past the time that she believed she had to report, but she refused to let her children be alone with their grandfather. She confronted the grandmother with the problem and she seemed to be concerned, but the mother knew that she couldn’t be trusted.

She told her husband that she was going to the rest of the family about her father-in-law. She was going to make her concerns known to her husband’s brothers and sisters. He stood against her, but an e-mail later and it was too late. They knew. The Free Her system had allowed her to get quiet, to get still, and to rest. LUV – Living the truth, Unconditionally and Very intentionally – had guided her forward. She talked to a police officer and while there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the grandfather, he instructed her how to document everything.

And then the oldest grandchild came forward, the husband’s niece. Her grandfather had done more than just touch her during a tickle fight. It made her sick to her stomach when she came forward with the details, but now she was in college and away from the family environment. She had heard of her aunt’s email and asked her mother for it. She responded to her aunt and the process began. The grandfather was interviewed by the police and again, there wasn’t enough evidence, but now he was exposed.

For the husband, this was a crushing blow. The first grandchild, his niece, was his favorite. She was born ten years before his own children and he loved having her come over to their house and spend the night. He would do anything for her. He remembered when she began to be uncomfortable around him; it was about the same time that the grandfather had started abusing her. He remembered seeing the fear in her eyes and not wanting to spend the night at his home. He had just accepted it as her coming of age. The lost of trust really bothered him, but he hadn’t done anything about it.

He went to his wife and apologized. His father had been a hero to him. He was a veteran of World War Two, and had seemed to have a perfect marriage and career. He could do no wrong. But now the truth was out.

His wife invited him to go through the Save Love Experience. He translated the message into his failure to protect his niece and see the truth. He grieved through Crisis. It allowed him to expel some ugly grief that he had stored up for years, grief that had become his best friend. Releasing the grief led him to joy, and the joy led him back home again. This time for good.

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