Blog Does He Want Me?

He convinced you that he wanted you. Only you. All of you. Couldn’t get enough of you. And then now he doesn’t? What is up with that?

This is the most painful question a woman can ever ask. Does he still want me? Not that he needs me. I know he needs me. He needs me to take care of him, the kids, the house, the bills. But does he want me?

He awoke a belief that he wanted you. Bad. And you believed it. The evidence was there. He chased you. He cherished every whisper of your heart. He captured the whispers and fulfilled them again and again. Now it is like you are roommates. With benefits.

A man does not love with his emotions. He does not trust his emotions. He experiences them. Enjoys them but does not live by them. A man lives by his commitments. He committed his life to you. He committed to want you for life.

Feel him for just a second. Feel what he is feeling. Be quiet, be very still and rest. Now listen. What is he feeling? Feel it. Your mind can’t help you here. Feel what he is feeling. Write it down. Describe the emotions. If you can’t feel his feelings, it is almost always because your emotions are in the way or your head is trying to do it. Guess. It will be male feeling. Feel his feelings. Do not give up. Keep reaching. And don’t ask him. He can’t help you here.

What is behind those feelings? Men do not normally have the ability to emote their own feelings. They long for you to help them feel what they are feeling. That is why they don’t like talking about what happened during the day. Don’t want to go through all the feelings. Predict what he is feeling. Feel those feelings with him, for him. Don’t fix him. Feel him. There is a lot more to this we will cover in the future but this is the first step toward getting him to want you, want you real bad.

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