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She was cold as they come.

Her father had been well known around town, but taught her how to be as aloof and uncaring as he was. She was very attractive, though, and he fell for her. She enjoyed the romance, the game, and played it well. She had her agenda all mapped out. Once he was on board, she married him and gave him three beautiful children. All while seeing other men.

She wasn’t serious about the other men. They were like playthings for her. She loved when they chased her, the presents, the romance. She rewarded them for the chase and the games and then sent them away. One man she kept around for a little longer than the others, but soon bored of him, too.

And then she found Free Her. She loved the insight and used it to help her business and relationships. But something was gnawing at her insides. LUV was telling her that she had done her husband wrong and she needed to make it right. LUV was telling her, convincing her, that she had ruined their marriage before it even started. The grief began to grow inside of her. It moved her closer to her husband. She began to see how she had left him lonely again and again. She took care of him in the bedroom, but only mechanically.

When she found the email, it crushed her. Her husband had written a note to a friend and accidentally left it open on his computer. The email was a desperate plea for a promise. Her husband was asking his best friend to be there when he died, an odd request given his age and lack of illness. “My wife doesn’t love me and I’ve known it for a long time” were the words that haunted her. His greatest pain wasn’t the unfaithfulness but the lack of love. And she finally felt it.

She heard him walk back in from the garage and ran to the bedroom to pretend that she was changing. They had dinner and went to bed without a word about the email.

She reentered the Free Her System. This time, she made it about what she had done to him. What she had done to him from day one. The reality of her ugliness terrified her and it took her several days to complete the Save Love Experience. But when it was done, she was healed. LUV flowed through her and negated the monsters of fear and apathy that hid in her emotions and thoughts. She was free. The Crisis program helped her heal and bring him into her healing. She began to love him, really love him, for the first time. It was hard for him to believe, but in Crisis his eyes were opened to her love and he began to heal with her. They were becoming one.

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