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On the outside, they were successful in every way.

They looked good, their children were well behaved, and they seemed to have it all. But inside, they were desperate. Their marriage was falling apart. The erosion had started slowly, but now it consumed them. Their children could sense that something was wrong – really wrong.

They tried several counselors, but just couldn’t seem to find the right fit. The counselors focused on the mental and emotional issues that they were dealing with, but couldn’t find the thorn that was tearing their relationship apart.

In desperation, they signed up a for a cruise – a marriage cruise. It seemed to help some, but the thorn was still there, causing problems.

Then they attended a marriage seminar in which they learned about the LUV strategy. In two hours, she realized what was wrong. And during the break, they talked and fixed the problem. No counselor. In a hallway.

She realized that there had been an issue when they were dating that they had neglected to resolve. It had really bothered and hurt her, and she continued to carry that pain around while trying to minimize it. He wanted to fix whatever was hurting their relationship, but she never identified that it was so important to her. With LUV, she was able to show him the grief he caused, and he was able to ask for forgiveness. They talked it through in an open, honest and vulnerable way. Living the truth saved their marriage.

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