Blog Do I Give a Second Chance?

Why should you take the risk and give him a second chance? He already broke his promise once. What makes you believe that he wouldn’t do it again?

Love from the heart is a real strange thing. It knows things that the head doesn’t. There is something about a romance redeemed that makes it worthy of living. Giving him that second chance. How you go about means everything.
Everyone knows about forgiveness. “I forgive you for what you did to me, to us.” Forgiveness is the easier part. What is hard is the reconciliation.

To reconcile means that he will grow into the wound that he caused on your spirit and heart. That is not easy and is very hard to fake. And if he succeeds you will have the foundation for a lifetime of romance and love.

To help him you have to keep the love flowing naturally from your heart. Stay focused on what he did to you, to your heart, to “us”. Be careful of anger. Anger repels, grief invites. If he is not owning the grief, he has not changed. Your grief has to be taken into his heart. He has to absorb the pain into who he is so that when he gets another chance to hurt you, he won’t. It hurts him too much. He can’t even think of it.

You will know he is reconciling when he can talk the pain of your heart better than you can. He is becoming a guardian of your heart, scars and all.

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