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Something was hiding inside of her, something that was making her marriage dysfunctional.

Her husband tried everything he could to please her, but she still felt that something was wrong with him. Actually, it was something inside her.

No matter what he tried, she still felt it, so they went to counseling. The counselor helped them think and feel their way through their relationship, yet he was unable to find that one thing that was causing her husband to feel so attacked and accused.

Every day ended almost the same way: “Who did you see today? What was her name? Did she touch you? Did you touch her?” The questions made no sense to him. He had always been faithful to his wife and came from a family that honored faithfulness. She didn’t trust him and he didn’t know why. But he loved her, so he kept on pushing through the issue.

He did everything the counselor said. He came home earlier than expected, he gave her all his passwords for his email and online accounts, but still she was disturbed. She believed something was going on or would happen in the future, and she wanted to stop it before it started.

In the Free Her System, we know that there are three heads to the monster: fear, greed, and apathy. The monster hiding in her soul was fear. She had lived by fear, but it only took a few minutes to be exposed. He was relieved. There it was: raw, ugly fear. Not his failure, but her fear.

But she defended her fear. It had become her best friend. She tried to negate its damage, but at Free Her, we knew that the fear had to go. For her to live, for her to be free from fear, her old self had to die. You die to live. When she died the fear would die with her, and then she could live without fear’s influence. Then she would see the man that she had and they could have a real relationship based upon each other being present. She had never been present before because she was in love with another. Not a man, but her feelings. Her fear. Her friend, forever.

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