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She was careful about the man she married.

She had promised herself that she would do the hard work to find the right one, the one who would last forever. And she found a good one, but he fell apart. He was faithful to her like she wanted, but an unresolved issue with his father led to an emotional breakdown and the loss of a job and career. He went to bed, and didn’t get up for almost ten years.

She went back to school and got another degree so that she could provide for the family. Every day, he arose and ate breakfast and then went back to bed until lunch. She packed lunches for the kids and got them off to school, then went to work. She returned home to find him still in bed and the kids home and hungry. This was her life for ten long years. And then one day he woke up.

He wanted back into everyone’s life, but now the children had grown up. The older two were out of the house in college, and the younger one wanted nothing to do with his father. The wife was full of bitterness over his choice to awaken now. The counselors and psychiatrists were confused. They attributed his improvement to a change in the medication, which he said he didn’t take, and to a new counselor. His wife doubted they had anything to do with it, and refused to go back.

The Save Love Experience helped her identify anger issues deep inside of herself. The Crisis program helped her exhale the years of grief that she suffered by his absence. The children noticed a significant change in their mother and asked if she was on medication. She acknowledged the wonder of the Free Her system, and the oldest two asked if they could experience the same results with Free Her.

When he went through the Save Love Experience, it exposed severe emotional damage done to him by his father, and Crisis helped him to relieve himself of grief that was hidden deep inside. She was able to join him in this grief and it helped them reconcile. He began to see her grief and then the kids’ grief, and slowly grew into it. Though her scar is still there, the pain doesn’t rule her. The LUV strategy keeps her above the pain and the fear that he could fall back into a severe depression. She is above the past and the pain. She is free from the fear and rage that controlled her.

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