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His lawyer drew up the rough draft, though it bothered him to see this young man so quickly abandon his wife and family.

He knew better than to stand in the way, but he couldn’t help but admire the way the man’s wife was making it hard for him to quit and walk away.

The Free Her system helped her find quiet in the midst of the horrible pain. It helped her find clarity and keep it during the storm. The stories of the women who had gone through the gauntlet and used the LUV strategy to save love was what had attracted her to the site in the first place. She wanted to save love. She wanted to save her marriage, her family, her life.

Her quietness unnerved him. It was also one of the things that had attracted him to her. She had always been so confident, so quiet, so gentle, but work, kids, and career issues seemed to change her. She began to fret and complain. There was no longer peace in his home, and he had loved the peace. His work was challenging, physically dangerous, and taxing. She was faithful to him, but berated him all the while. She wasn’t just frustrated with him, but with life. It wasn’t what she expected. She felt betrayed.

Finding quiet, being still, and at complete rest did something to her. It healed wounds deep inside of her that had been causing pain for a long time. The truth showed up and began to reveal to her what was off, about her family and especially her father, her marriage and her attitude, her work and her relationship with the owner of the business. He had promised to sell her the company and seemed to be changing his mind.

It all began with the company. When she got quiet and began to listen to the truth, she knew what to say, the right words at the right time. No fretting, no lying, and no manipulation. Just the truth, delivered in a way that the owner could hear. He agreed to sell the company and become a silent partner with a small share.

Her husband stopped the divorce. He was strangely attracted, or perhaps re-attracted, to his wife. His new girlfriend sensed the drift and began to complain. He felt like the girlfriend and his wife had switched places overnight; he felt drawn toward his wife and repelled from his girlfriend. LUV was beginning to work in his life. He was enjoying the new quiet and peace that was in his home, but it also bothered him because the peace meant that he could hear the truth. The truth asked him what he wanted, and he realized that he wanted his marriage and his family to work.

Next, the LUV drew her to her father. His absence during her childhood had hurt, both her and her little brother. Over a quiet cup of coffee, she opened her heart and gently shared her hurt. The father moved toward her and apologized. His words were genuine and brought great joy to her heart.

Even after all of this amazing change, she realized that she had to stay in the Free Her system. The stories helped her remember the truth that set her free, and sharing with other women encouraged her forward. It took a long time for her husband to come all the way back home, but in the end, she won. She died to the noise in her head, the ugly emotions, and lived the truth. Again and again. She lived the truth with conviction, unconditionally and very intentionally. It allowed her husband to experience the beauty of her heart and called forth a noble man. The noble man she knew he was when they had married, years ago.

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