Blog He Fell in Love with His Wife Again

She tried with all her heart, everything she could to keep him at home.

She was desperate to save her marriage and family. At first, she fought against the Free Her system. She couldn’t understand why it was important to find quiet, why it was important for her to work on herself before she reached out to him. But she stayed with it.

The Save Love Experience showed her that fear had controlled her most of her life, and that behind the fear was a need, a great need to be in control. She was able to rest for the first time, which unnerved her unfaithful husband. He was used to the nagging and attitude. When she found quiet, it made him wonder what she was up to. She had always had an agenda. Her neediness demanded attention all the time, which diminished his attraction to her. The other woman was quiet and respectful – at least while she had all of his attention.

The Crisis program helped her learn to breathe through the trauma of his unfaithfulness. It guided her as she learned more about when and where he was being unfaithful. What she couldn’t see was that her new attitude was affecting him, too. She was attractive to him again. There was no weight loss, no new hairdo. It was the stillness and peace she had found. Now when she listened, she heard, and she realized where she had been missing him. She hadn’t really been hearing what he was saying.

He lingered late one night at the house after dropping the kids off, and then ended up in the bedroom. As he dressed the next morning, he asked her, “What are you doing to me?” He was now having an affair on his girlfriend, with his wife. It would almost be funny if it were happening to someone else.

When she asked him what had attracted him to her in the first place, even he was surprised at his answer. “You were confident and quiet. You didn’t have to be loud to win. You always won anyway,” he told her. He wanted to tell her that she was confident again, but he feared that she would misunderstand him. He was ridiculously attracted to his wife. She was ruining his relationship with the other woman by simply being who she was.

Her grief and her beauty were drawing him back to her. Not to the family and kids, not to the home he built, but to her. To her heart and beauty. She quietly allowed the grief and joy to guide him back to her. His character demanded a resolution, and if he continued to let his wife draw him back home, he was going to make the noble decision to end the affair. He feared that she would return to being the woman that she had been before, but with the FIX program in the FREE HER system, she was able to stay free.

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