Blog Her Grief Guided Him Back Home

There it was. He had done it, the very thing that she had feared: there was another woman.

She could feel the distance, the coldness, the guilt. He wouldn’t say out loud that he had been unfaithful, but he nodded and bowed his head.

She wanted information. She wanted details. Her mind wanted to hear the explanation even though she knew it wouldn’t be enough. Thankfully, the Free Her System had prepared her. She was quiet, still, and at rest. She was not going to step away from Living the truth, Unconditionally, and Very intentionally – the LUV strategy. She knew LUV would save love. It always does. To move forward, to let the LUV flow through her and save love, she would have to change so dramatically that it would feel like death. To win, she would have to experience the death of everything that had come before and start anew. Her feelings rose up, her thoughts demanded information that she didn’t need, and she wanted to run. But instead, she let LUV flow.

First came the grief, deep and resounding. She thought her heart was tearing in two. The stories and the other women in the Free Her System helped her through this dark and painful time. She exhaled the grief again and again. She expelled the anger and rage that wanted to stay within her. And her grief offered him a path home.

He began to own the damage that he’d done to her. He was surprised by how deep her love was, that it ran as deep as the pain she was in now. His grief began to grow as he grew into her wound. He was amazed at the depth of communication that was growing between them in spite of all the hurt.

A scar seemed to form on his own heart as he was quiet, still, and at rest. He wanted to rage at himself for what he had done, but her gentle love, the grief, the hope that arose in her as she let LUV flow through her, guided him to handle his guilt without shame. Shame demanded he demean himself, humiliate himself, so that shame would be satisfied. The Free Her System helped him to stay away from the shame that would have damaged their relationship even more. She used the LUV strategy to demand a noble love arise in him, and he began to let LUV flow through him to her. This is what rebuilt her hope, piece by piece.

Her mind wanted it to go faster. Her mind demanded to be in control. But the flow of LUV reassured her and she was able to stay quiet while LUV worked in both of them. LUV saved love. Her love, his love, their love.

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