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Edward was exhausted. He had risen as high as he could at his company.

He had gained some weight and was having minor health issues. Susie could see the difficulty her husband was having adjusting to his new reality.

And she was scared. She knew what men can do when they get bored and she wanted to get ahead of it. She wanted understanding, encouragement…the ability to restore her husband before something worse could happen. She discovered the LUV ™ strategy, a superpower that would flow through her and fix their relationship.

He noticed a change right away. She was calm and peaceful. He became more attracted to her and their intimate life renewed. It was only the beginning.

Her husband was a very powerful and successful man who did not take correction well. She was concerned because she knew there were some major changes he was going to have to make to deal with the mid-life crisis he was facing. First, he would have to admit that he was facing it.

LUV ™ flowed through her again and again and showed her the way. Little changes she made in response to him, the words she used, and mainly the strength of her quiet conviction.

She had always tried to prove to him when he was wrong. Now her favorite words were, “You know.” Her love would flow through her to him and would awaken him. She confessed that it was actually a lot of fun to let LUV ™ do the work. She rested, enjoyed the view, and loved the closeness that was beginning to grow habitually between them.

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