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In the beginning, she was up, and then down.

Angry, and then sad. Happy in denial, and then raging in the details. Exhausted by the rollercoaster, she finally found stillness.

It was in these still, quiet times that she first heard LUV speak. It was more powerful than even her rage and pain. It began to flow through her, and it took him by surprise. This quiet thing, this new confidence she showed, bothered him. He didn’t know what to expect from her. It was like she knew something he didn’t, and it was going to hurt him when he found out, too. It so bothered him that he decided to spend a couple of nights at home. He quizzed the kids about their mother. “Was she seeing someone?” He asked the oldest, “Is she drinking? Is she on drugs?” The answers were a solid no. She was flowing with the superpower of LUV.

She learned to Live the truth, Unconditionally and Very intentionally. LUV helped her quiet her self-destructive storm of emotions, which had begun to affect all of her relationships. Her boss had even warned her that her performance was drastically slipping, and that she was in danger of being let go.

The LUV strategy moved her focus off the events of the past and helped her focus on the relationship she had with him in the present. She asked him, “What do you want?” It was an honest, open question. And the truth was, he didn’t know what he wanted. He was having fun in the affair, but the other woman was needy. She wanted him to spend time and money on her and not his family. He resented her demands, but loved the time they had in the bedroom and at restaurants. He had promised himself that he wouldn’t do to his kids what his dad had done to him, but here he was doing it.

Letting the LUV flow through her daily kept her sane. It kept her connected to her children, and kept her eyes opened toward him. She could see when he leaned in toward her and the family and began to lean away from the other woman and what she provided. Even his mother, who had never really cared for his wife, noticed the huge change and was impressed. She told her son to go back to his wife. LUV was winning all around.

LUV ™ is a part of the experience

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