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He said it. He said it out loud. “I don’t love you anymore.” But she heard something different.

She was all cried out. Those words were the scariest she could imagine. It was like his love was finite and it had just run out. But that wasn’t what bothered her the most. The thing that really tortured her was that he had fallen out of love with her, and she hadn’t even seen the signs.

By the time she entered into the FreeHer system, she was emotionally exhausted. But the Save Love Experience was freeing for her. It put her feet back on the ground. It gave her the insight that he actually wasn’t sure about his love anymore, and that his words were more of a probe for the truth. A truer statement might have been, “It feels like I don’t love you anymore, but I’m not sure.”

A new girlfriend was opening up possibilities that his character should have protected him from. His parents were sexually chaotic and non-committal, and he had promised himself that he would never be that way. He was better than that. But he was beginning to walk a path that was similar to theirs.

Every once in a while, she would let the words echo in her head. The words would lodge in her soul and then her feelings would add to the chaos. The FreeHer system reminded her to begin her days with quiet, and in her quiet to be still. In her stillness to rest. And in her rest, to listen for the truth.

Her heart told her that he wasn’t done yet. So she waited, and found a peace that came with living the truth. She was learning to seek stillness and rest. The effect upon her husband and even her kids was profound.

One night, he dropped off the kids and they put them to bed together. In the living room, they started kissing and he ended up spending the night. The sex was good – gentle and kind. He awoke the next morning, and she heard him weeping in the shower. The kids were delighted that their daddy was there again. Their hopes were crushed that evening when he didn’t return or see them on the weekend. He was actually angry that his wife was making his bad choice more difficult by being so attractive and kind.

She knew that he loved her, but she also knew that wasn’t enough. He still loved another woman. She was waiting for the one thing that makes a marriage, for him to say and live one truth – You are the One. He wasn’t there yet, but now she knew how to live in the truth until that day came.

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