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They had begun their relationship by being open about other sexual partners.

They had only one rule: their mate had to be in the same room. She wasn’t crazy about the idea, but it did keep things exciting, up until LUV woke her up. The truth was that she didn’t desire other men. She desired him and him alone. She enjoyed the experiences, but LUV – Living the truth, Unconditionally and Very Intentionally – whispered that it wasn’t healthy or wise.

He was frustrated with this LUV concept and wanted things to stay the same. They were developing friends based upon this new lifestyle and he was enjoying the experiences, but secretly, he told one of his friends that he knew she was right. This openness of sexual experience and expression didn’t feel right for them. He knew they needed to stop. He knew they needed to heal. He wasn’t sure of the damage that had happened, but he knew it was there. He respected her walk with LUV and confessed to his friend that he wished he had the character to save their love with LUV.

A severe STD finally caused her to stop the sexual chaos. The club they were in demanded that she get free from the STD before they could return, but she never came back. LUV began to flow through her and she experienced a new level of love for her husband. A love that wanted all of him. He admired her newfound sense of commitment and direction and knew it was right. He knew it was the direction that they needed to go if they really loved each other, he just didn’t want to make the change right now.

They stayed friends through the divorce and focused on raising their children well. And then he went to jail. His business had been doing very well and then it slumped. Some questionable business associates and transactions helped the business through the tight times, but then he got caught. After two years in prison, he made the commitment to LUV. His children were hurt and embarrassed about the trial and their daddy being in prison, and he owned that. He owned his wife’s pain, too. He was slow to get there, but LUV was sure and he loved that.

She had moved on. LUV was bringing her a new life. She had wanted him to join her but he didn’t, so she kept on moving through life. When he finally woke up, she was ready for them to be friends, though he wanted more. He was in love with her more than ever. He humbled himself and began to chase her. He asked her out for dates and sent her flowers and candy weekly. The kids were impressed and a little surprised that their mom didn’t appreciate what their dad was doing.

It took a season of her grieving and letting go of all the pain that had happened to her, to them and the children. He was being present. He was owning the damage and she was frustrated that she was beginning to fall in love with him again. He saw her. He wanted her and her alone. He owned the grief and the grief in her was maturing into joy. Their joy. LUV was drawing them together.

The kids are now grown and just finished college. They’re enjoying watching LUV heal their parents and their family, and hoping for their own person with whom they can experience LUV.

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