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She married her best friend. Her hero. Everything about him seemed to surprise and delight her.

She wouldn’t have changed a thing about him, until he cheated. She should have seen it coming. He flirted way too much, but she thought it was just a part of his personality. After she found out about the affair, she demanded he stop flirting. It hurt too much to see him emotionally engage and get entangled with other women. Even though he protested his innocence, he agreed that he could stop, for a while.

She believed him, and a counselor told her that the pain would go away. It would only take time and some mind mechanisms, but they didn’t seem to work for her. The pain only got worse and began to affect her personality. She had always been a loving and giving person, going to parties and meeting people. Now she noticed that she was withdrawing into herself. It wasn’t like her, but even with the help of her counselor, she couldn’t escape the growing feeling that she was losing who she was. The monster in her feelings grew every day.

It whispered to her that it alone was protecting her and her heart. She believed its lies and allowed the monster to guide her feelings and actions. She was lost.

When she entered into the Free Her system, she didn’t like the idea of being quiet or still. It scared her. The monster told her that the feelings hidden inside were a storm that could consume her, but when she finally released the deep grief, it brought powerful healing to her mind and emotions. Even her counselor was amazed. She realized that the counselor had done all that he could, but that this was a deep work of the heart that he wasn’t equipped or trained to do.

With the mature release of grief came the taste of joy. She began to laugh again, laugh with her whole heart. It felt good, like life was returning to her. Like she was returning to herself. The monster died, and she was free to love again.

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