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The anger and rage consumed her.

Deep down, she couldn’t understand how he could do this to her, to the kids, to their family. She would be fine for days, and then the thoughts would come to her while she slept. Sometimes in a dream, or she would wake up obsessing over the details of the affair.

She found a counselor that her mom recommended. It seemed to help for a week, and then the thoughts returned. The monster hadn’t been overcome, only gone underground for a while to resurface later. The monster whispered to her that it was protecting her, but the anger and rage that it demanded seemed to be changing her. She could almost predict her eruptions, and they started to happen everywhere, even at work. The coping mechanisms the counselor gave her weren’t going deep enough. This anger, the rage, remained rooted inside her.

A friend recommended the Free Her website. She visited and went through the Save Love Experience. It unnerved her and exposed deep emotions that were in control of her thinking and feeling. She found the source of her anger and rage. Even though it scared her because it was so powerful, it also relieved her to know where the strange influence was coming from and what it was all about. Her Save Love Experience revealed the monster. It was like a perfect x-ray of her heart and soul. She tasted freedom. She tasted a new joy. And she wanted it.

The next step in the Free Her system was Crisis. The guided grief process exposed the deep pain inside of her and also gave an invitation for him to join her. She was cautious at first. She feared that he would ruin the healing that she was enjoying, but her being quiet, still, and at complete rest allowed him to begin to own the damage he had done. Her grief drew him in. Her grief gave hope that there was still a chance to save this relationship.

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