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It felt good when he left. She felt like peace was restored in her home.

She could feel it. He had broken her ability to trust. Before the affair, she had trusted him almost blindly, but now she wasn’t sure she would be able to trust him ever again.

The Save Love Experience allowed her to see the monster inside of her. The monster demanded space, just a little space between husband and wife. He needed to be disciplined for what he had done, and she enjoyed the freedom from her responsibilities to him.

The LUV strategy surprised her. She loved letting LUV be in charge. It was the only way to ensure that the monster didn’t sneak through her emotions and mind and enslave her again. The monster could outsmart her, and she fell for its tricks again and again. She learned to not even fight back when it showed up, but to simply let LUV fix the issue. It worked every time. Sometimes it was hard to accept that her instincts were wrong, because they had become to hardwired by fear. LUV didn’t press her to trust him again, but to trust that she could see the truth when it appeared.

The truth told her that he was back. She knew it. No one had to tell her so. A counselor didn’t tell her. A pastor didn’t tell her. She knew. The problem was that it didn’t feel like it was enough. It didn’t quiet the noise in her head. The facts and data were flying around and demanding answers. She knew that her fear was trying to distract her from what she already knew: that he was present, that he was owning the wound, and they were healing.

She could trust truth. Yes, that she could do. The innocent trust that she had in him from the beginning was gone, destroyed. The connection she had with the truth was solid, though, and she was beginning to allow hope to rise in her. Not that it didn’t hurt – it did – but the hope healed her. Her future was with him. His character grew through this season and so did hers. They were becoming one.

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