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He was trying. She knew that he wanted to come all the way back, but he was ashamed of what he had done.

Worse yet, he still didn’t know why he had cheated. That’s what bothered him the most, because he wanted to be able to promise it wouldn’t happen again.

Free Her helped her let go of the anger and process the great grief that was inside her. He had failed her. He had failed her horribly and the pain was enormous. The sense of peace she found within Free Her attracted him back to her, and even to her grief. The grief moved him. She learned that her anger pushed him away, but her grief drew him in. It was hard not to let him have it when he was so close. She wanted him to feel the pain of what he did, but knew it would do little to repair their relationship.

She was healing. Desire was moving inside of her again, and he could sense it. She was terrified that he wouldn’t realize she was still hurting and wasn’t ready for things to return to normal. She wasn’t sure if they would ever be normal again, but she continued the grief process and let the love flow when it arose in her. The LUV strategy was saving their marriage, and saving both of them from allowing the anger and bitterness to take over. She was free. Free to let love heal them.

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