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He was cold except when he wanted sex, and then he was the perfect gentleman.

He said the right things, touched her in the right way, and awoke the passion inside her. She waited desperately for those times, and afterward would hold onto them like little treasures, turning them over in her mind when he reverted to his aloof politeness.

The LUV strategy allowed her to find a calm center and begin to understand him, his heart and his wounds. She helped him unpack the reason for his coldness – a brutal mother and a distant father. She began to understand how different men were from women. LUV guided her through his grief and pain until she became his intimate partner in joy. The sex was still amazing, but now the other times were, too. The journey wasn’t easy, but she enjoyed every step as she watched him wake up as a human being capable of love and trust.

Year later, they lost their first child. The pain and grief was beyond measure. He was able to use the love she had shown him and surrounded her with it. He didn’t understand what he was doing, but he could feel the power of it flowing through him, and knew it would guide them through this season of horrific lost. LUV showed them the way through grief, and the lessons they learned from each other would later help them raise two wonderful sons.

Before, her confidence was based upon what she understood and her ability to make things work. Now her confidence is in LUV. When she is at rest and lets it flow through her, she knows healing is happening. She knows that LUV finds the way and removes the space between her and her husband, her sons, and now her beautiful daughters-in-law. She delights in showing the next generation how they can let LUV guide them, too.

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