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She couldn’t believe it had happened. She had done everything she could to make sure that they had the best chance for success together.

He was strong, he was faithful, and he was madly in love with her. She was sure that she wouldn’t experience the same pain that her mother had endured all throughout her childhood due to her father’s repeated unfaithfulness.

But she could tell right away that he had cheated. He wouldn’t look her in the eyes – he knew this was close to her heart and would probably devastate her. He tried to hide it, but she seemed so calm, so ready to forgive, that he eventually told her. She wept and then wept some more. There was some anger, but they worked through it. Free Her had prepared her for this, the worst thing that could happen to her, and she was ready. She moved through the grief and they became closer. But something was still off.

She was able to forgive her husband, and they restored their relationship through shared grief. The joy was real and powerful. It impacted the children and her extended family, everyone except her dad. She could not and would not forgive him. She drew the line there. Even though the pain in her heart was intense related to her husband’s unfaithfulness, she was able to forgive him, to die so that he could win. But she wouldn’t do the same for her father.

She went through the Save Love Experience again to deal with some residual anger that was influencing her at work. A fellow worker who was the age of her father was being unfaithful to his wife, and everyone at work knew it. She felt like she was back in time and seeing her father be unfaithful to her mother and to the family. The Save Love Experience brought her again to the question: would you die for him so that he could win?

She knew what would happen to her. She knew the joy would come. She knew a new strength would become a part of her, and that strength would give her courage and the power to change, to change herself and maybe even influence her father. But she had said no. LUV waited quietly. The torment of her soul was horrific. A coldness was trying to work its way into her feminine being. She even felt cold at times toward her husband and her son, and that scared her. She knew the coldness would eventually take over her soul, her thinking, and her feeling. She knew she only had a little time to make this right.

This death felt different. Deeper, more powerful. She had promised herself as a little girl that she would never, ever forgive her dad for what he was doing to her mother and to her family, again and again. Now she broke that promise, and the resulting peace was deep and flowed to the center of her being. A quiet and stillness produced a rest that she couldn’t explain. People and things that bothered her before no longer did. It was like she was dead to all those things, and alive to the things that mattered: her husband, her children, and even her father.

A few years later, her father lay in bed, dying. She was at his side, quiet and listening. He was talking, owning all the damage he had done. Everything. It was made possible because she had moved toward him. LUV wouldn’t let her die at the hands of the monster. When she died, the monster died. She died for him to win, but they both won. Her ability to connect with her dying father allowed her two brothers to sit at her side and listen, listen as their father apologized to all of them. They were free to live and love and laugh again.

She actually danced with her father the week before he died. He had needed help getting out of bed, so he wrapped his arms around her neck and she raised him up. She put her arms around him and then took small steps to turn him toward the wheelchair. She noticed one of her favorite songs playing on his radio, and she smiled and whispered to him that it was like they were dancing. Her father nodded, feeling the grace and love in the moment. When the nurse called her four days later and told her that he was gone, she felt at peace. She was grateful to the LUV strategy and the Free Her system for keeping her on track. Free Her not only set her free, but also kept her free.

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