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She had made him promise that he wasn’t going to do to her what her father had done to her mother.

Again and again her father had affairs. Cheri was exhausted from a childhood of helping her mother hold it together. Her father provided well, and her mother was terrified to be on her own, so for her own sake and the sake of the children, she withstood the turmoil as best she could. Cheri promised herself that she would never find herself in the same situation.

And now she did. Her husband had been unfaithful to her. He had broken his promise and his vows. He was with another woman. Her greatest fears were realized: she was living the life of her mother. She knew she wanted to leave him. She knew she didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes she believed her mother had made. Most of all, she didn’t want her children to go through what she went through.

But LUV showed up. This super-power rose inside of her and she was able to overcome the powerful fears of her childhood and see things for what they really were. She was able to confront him and communicate with him in the midst of great fear and pain. The LUV strategy didn’t negate the pain, but allowed her to rise above it. She was strong and confident as she moved forward and guided him back home.

LUV ™ is a part of the experience

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