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They met in college and thought they’d found forever love.

The romance and passion was amazing and surprised them both. But two years later, they graduated and hit a fork in the road. She wanted to head south for job opportunities, while he wanted to stay nearby friends and family. So they split.

He was enjoying his freedom until the day he got the call. She was pregnant. They were smart and careful, but passion won out one night and a child was conceived. He was distant during the pregnancy, wondering if she did it to keep him. It hurt that he was so distant, so she began to discourage the weekly visits. He didn’t even attend the birth. He was faithful with the child support and sent it on time, every time, but wanted nothing to do with the child.

Her mother relished the thought of raising the child. She knew her daughter wanted to experience life and have more fun, so she stepped in. She had to work full time when her children were little. This time she was going to enjoy raising the child.

After a series of life events, both the father and mother woke up. They realized that love wasn’t just about emotion or sex, but about the relationship and truth. Heart truth. She began to help him deal with some ugly things that happened to him as a child and teenager. She was patient and he was healing. It was real and mature – it was LUV. It was based upon being open, honest, and vulnerable. They were falling in love again, but this time it was different.

She learned how to listen to him, to know his heart better than he did. She learned how to be quiet inside herself so that she could hear him with her heart. The insights that came to her when she was able to be quiet and listen for the truth were amazing. He began to trust her. He began to lean toward her when he was feeling messed up or challenged. She was helping him get over his past, and she was getting over her past, as well.

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