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He was tired. He was always tired. He was ready to sell the company, and thought maybe he should have a few years back, but the thought of having nothing to do scared him.

She could feel the space. She could feel the approaching danger.

He met an old friend at a conference for his company. The talk, at first, was about old times, the times they shared together and what had happened since then. He was impressed by how she was doing. She was semi-retired and only working when she wanted to, so he asked her out to talk about that more. It was innocent, he told himself, but knew there were other desires that were rising in him. He was bored, and he knew boredom always bred stupidity.

He fell so quickly. He didn’t want to have an affair, but the other woman did, and she was careful to not scare him away. She expressed concern the next morning because she didn’t want to break up her marriage or his. Their marriages were fit for retirement, just not for romance anymore. She invited him into a discreet, non-committal relationship. They were free to express themselves with each other, with no strings attached. It wasn’t like him to be unfaithful, but he was sick and tired of being bored.

His wife knew almost instantly when it happened. She had already entered the Free Her system and had confronted the monster that made so much noise in her life. She saw how she had drifted into complacency and coldness. She understood why he was bored. She was tired as well. Not bored, just tired. And that allowed the monster to find a place to plant all sorts of lies in her mind that caused her to drift away from him. She knew he was responsible for any affair. His choice, not hers. But she had allowed space to form between them, and the apathy she felt made sure she had done nothing about it.

But now she was ready, and she knew that he wasn’t actually happy that he had cheated. Without Free Her, she would have demanded to know what happened – the who, when, and where. But instead, she was peaceful, and that bothered him. He knew she knew something, but she was kind and tender. Her eyes made his heart ache. He could see a grief there, but the quiet unnerved him. He would have rather she raged at him so that he wouldn’t have to see that grief.

In the quiet, he decided. This affair was not who he was. He was wonderfully married to a beautiful woman, a woman of his dreams. He remembered his promise to her that she was the one, the one for life, for better and for worse. Their bedroom was heating up, but that wasn’t it. It was her. It was her heart. He could see her heart again. That’s why he fell in love with her: her heart.

He owned everything. He owned the damage that he had allowed to happen to her, to them, to their future. He told her about the affair, then broke it off and sold the company. He now had something new to do, a new job. He was going to chase his wife for the rest of his life.

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