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He couldn’t figure out what was different.

He knew something had changed, but didn’t know what it was or even when it had happened. All he knew was that his wife was different and it was messing up things with his girlfriend. The sex was still good, but now he saw that it was just sex. And his girlfriend had started complaining. He had enjoyed her company before because she was easy to take care of, but now she was like all the other women in his life – complaining and demanding.

When his wife lost her husband to another woman, she emotionally fought for what she needed. It consumed her and brought something ugly out of her that she didn’t know was there. Even her faithful mother noted the change and grew concerned. So she retreated into stillness and quiet. And then she realized that as hurt as she was, she still loved him. Her love was greater than the pain. Her love, her character, rose above the hurt and forgave him, even though he was still with the other woman. She forgave him unconditionally. She was surprised by how good that felt. She was free. She was free from the ugliness that he had brought to their home and the ugliness that wanted to flow through her. Free. It felt good. But what she discovered next is what killed the affair.

She began to laugh. A lot. It started off with small smiles that her children noticed, and then a sense of laughter began to flow through her. She was okay. The kids were going to be okay. The LUV strategy now made sense. She lived the truth that she still loved him, but didn’t need him, and it set her free. Free to laugh, and then cry, and then laugh some more. It was that joy that her husband couldn’t understand, and it’s what drew him back to her. He realized that he didn’t want the other woman, and wasn’t even attracted to anything about her other than her body. He was just using her to relieve himself. He summoned up enough character and the relationship was done. And he began to smile again.

LUV ™ is a part of the experience

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