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She could feel his hand reaching for her in the night.

It had been a while since they had been together and she knew that he wanted her. But it hurt to let him in emotionally and mentally. She had a hard time pleasing him and being pleased by him.

She took a moment of quiet to herself and let LUV flow through her. She sensed the wall she had built up toward him after his affair. The truth was that he was owning what he did. The truth was that they were reconciling together. The truth was that he was her husband and she really did love taking care of him. LUV graced her and she moved toward him. Afterward, he fell asleep, but she couldn’t.

The pain of his affair came back, even though she wanted to stop feeling it. She knew that she needed to grieve her way through the pain in order to be free and stay free. Sometimes the pain was so great that she didn’t care about being free or love or anything. All she cared about was stopping the hurt.

She went downstairs and made herself a cup of tea. The warm tea with honey calmed her down. He was making all the right moves to repair their relationship, he was listening and caring and moving toward her even when she moved away. It just hurt that it happened. Her perfect life ruined. Her fantasy fallen apart. She believed in love and thought that if she loved well, she would get love in return. She learned that there are no promises with love. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

What does work every time is the LUV strategy. Living the truth, Unconditionally, and Very intentionally. Sometimes she struggled to maintain her relationship with him, but she lived the truth and LUV worked it out again and again. She smiled as she admitted to herself that it felt good to be loved again. Even though the innocence of her love was damaged, the joy was returning. Hope was returning. LUV stood guard and it was going to be good for her. LUV made something good happen out of something very bad.

LUV ™ is a part of the experience

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