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She could tell that something was going on.

He was working long hours that weren’t required of him and for which he wasn’t compensated. He hadn’t looked deep into her eyes for a long time, and the hugs that seemed to last forever had stopped happening. That’s when she recognized the change, but she was sure it had been happening for a while.

She was quietly desperate for answers when she entered the Free Her system. The Save Love Experience moved her powerfully. She was surprised by how the monster was involved in her life and career. It worked inside her, influenced her almost without her being aware that it was there. It also created enough noise that she missed some major clues that her husband was having a crisis in their relationship. He was moving away from her and she didn’t recognize it until the affair was in full swing.

The first thing she enjoyed from the Save Love Experience was the peace of heart that came with the insight. She knew where she stood. She knew where he was. She could see, she could hear. He had been telling her that he was in crisis, but she wasn’t listening.

When she saw him, really saw him, she was amazed by how desperate he was to get back to her. He wanted to come back, but he also wanted things to be different. He was tired of not being seen, not being heard. She was surprised that these things were so very important to him. The other woman saw him and listened to him. She gave of herself to draw him away and then became just as needy as she was. The monster was working in her, as well. Soon he was trapped between two needy women and wasn’t attracted to either one.

As she allowed the truth to permeate her life, the quiet began to attract him. She could hear him now. She began to see things about him that drew her to him. She could listen in a way that she had never been able to listen before. Her listening changed her work atmosphere, too, and she began to heal relationships that she didn’t even know were strained and falling apart. The monster had its tentacles in everything and everyone in her life.

She could tell when he began to move back toward her. He wasn’t just moving because he wanted to stay married, he was moving because she was attracting him. She was at rest, not needy, and the monster was dead – for now. She realized that she had to stay in the Free Her system to keep the monster at check. She saw that his biggest fear in coming back to her was that once he was all the way back, she would guilt him about the affair for the rest of his life.

He saw her beauty again, and he saw her heart. Her raw, hurting heart. She was able to feel what he was feeling and help him express the pain he was experiencing because of what he did to both women. There was only one woman to whom he had promised his heart. There was only one woman with whom he had stood before family and friends and promised a life-long commitment to love. There was only one woman he had ever told that she was the one. She called out that deep love and commitment that resided in him, and her beauty drew him back home.

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