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He was enjoying the extra attention, but his wife expressed concern about allowing a woman at his work to express so much affection.

He pushed it off. Her anger rose and got the best of her and she let him have it. It felt so good to let the fear flow through her – good for her feelings but not good for their relationship.

She didn’t believe that he wanted to have an affair, he just enjoyed the flattery, but the other woman wanted more. One night, they went too far, and he realized he had crossed a line. He apologized for leading her on, this wasn’t what he wanted. She got very upset, and demanded to know what he did want. He muttered something and left.

When he got home, she was quiet. The Free Her system had begun to affect her thinking and feeling. Her feelings wanted to rage. She could tell something had happened, probably the thing she feared the most. But she remained quiet. She could see him. She could feel him. He was hurt, scared, and alone. She was surprised at how easily she could feel him when the fear in her head was negated. The Free Her system was working.

She made him his favorite meal and whispered to him words that she almost didn’t believe but knew they were true. “I’m proud of you. I don’t know what happened tonight, but I know you fought for us. You fought for me.” Her feelings mocked her words, yet his response proved they were the right words to say.

He fell into her arms and they cried together. He talked about being lonely in their marriage and needing something to pick him up. Work was difficult and he had lost a good chance at a promotion. The other woman knew what to say and how to say it. It had made him feel better. His wife was distant and fearful of the women at his work, always on patrol for the other woman. But now she was quiet and listening to her husband.

She leaned forward and apologized. She was surprised to see how he responded. He wanted to believe she understood what he was going through and he knew she forgave him, but was she different? Or was this a ploy to open him up, get him nice and tender, and then attack? But the next morning, and the morning after that, she was just as tender as before. He was beginning to believe. He understood when she invited him into the Free Her system. She was free. Her heart was free. Her beauty was free. And he was falling in love again.

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