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She was overwhelmed with the pain that he was infatuated with another woman.

She did her very best to stay in shape and keep herself physically attractive for her husband, but he’d still had an affair. The anger and sadness, the despair and loneliness, devastated her.

LUV whispered gently to her to see him. To see the real him. He said he didn’t want a divorce, but was he willing to fight his way back to her? Her anger and despair confused her. Self-help books and her friends told her to leave him. Yet the LUV strategy calmed her down and allowed her to see something her feelings and mind couldn’t see. His heart. He wanted to be free of this affair. He wanted to love only her.

With LUV’s help, she began to be completely calm when they talked. She knew that she needed to be quiet and still, completely at rest, in order to listen and really hear what was going on. She stayed open and honest and vulnerable, and he was surprised. Very surprised. He expected her to yell at him. It would make him feel better; he was used to that. This new way of loving wasn’t what he expected, and he looked at her like he had at the beginning of their relationship. Wonder and awe. She liked the look but hated that it hurt. It reminded her of what they used to have.

But as he was open and honest about what happened, her heart moved toward him. Her feelings wanted to punish him, but LUV was moving them together. Their physical relationship began again, slowly. It was healing for both of them in a way that she couldn’t explain. It was quiet and slow, gentle and kind. She began to acknowledge that that their sex life before the affair had become boring and tedious. They had both felt the space between them, and let it linger for far too long.

The next few weeks weren’t easy. But she was free from the hate and even the anger. She was still hurting, but also healing. There was hope. Like a gentle warm wind that blows for the first time in spring, she was beginning to believe that they could make it. He was growing and learning to stay free from the past and shame. Even though the other woman made the time difficult as she couldn’t let go, he remained faithful.

They were moving forward together, healing and hurting, and then more healing. Gentle joy began appearing and then staying. She was in love again. Now she tingles when he walks into the room, when he says her name. The pain isn’t gone, but she’s able to rise above it every time.

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