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She was set on winning and would try anything to get him back.

She assumed that he had strayed because he wanted more sex, so she gave him more sex. She assumed that he wanted more romance, so she gave him more romance. She lost weight and his interest seemed to pick up, but only for a moment. The other woman was quiet and very attractive, though not more physically attractive than his wife. She was just better able to draw him in and please him. With the other woman he was happy, with his wife he was sad. It was that simple, he said later.

She couldn’t understand why the Free Her system wanted her to be quiet and still. Rest and listen? She wanted to fight and win. She was guided to die to win, and at first, it didn’t make sense. She wanted to win against the other woman. She loved to win and had always won, or so she thought. Her feelings were controlling her and promised that they would always keep her a winner and protect her heart, but her Save Love Experience showed her that if she continued on her current path, the monster was the only thing that would win. She couldn’t believe that the monster was inside of herself.

The clarity and stable footing that she found after the Save Love Experience was wonderful. She felt sure of herself, and better yet, she was sure of the LUV that flowed through her. It wasn’t up to her to keep the relationship together. LUV would do that. It was up to her to release the LUV and let it do the work.

She smiled at her husband’s wonder when she was quiet and still. He asked her if she was on medication. She laughed and said, “Yes, I am. It’s called LUV. Living the truth, unconditionally and very intentionally. It’s amazing, and I love being free.”

Later he would admit that he was being drawn back to his wife. Not to the children, not to the home or the career that came with his wife and family, but to her. To her heart. He was falling in love with her again. In the Crisis part of the Free Her system, he enjoyed the questions that reminded him of the beginning of their relationship. She was becoming or returning to the woman with whom he had first fallen in love. The other woman sensed the loss and began to become as desperate as his wife had been before. She tried to give him more sex and more attention, but her neediness drove him away. The monster was winning in the other woman and the monster was dead in his wife. He chose the woman who had freed herself, and came back home.

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