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He knew he was caught. He wasn’t forthcoming on information about the affair, but he didn’t deny it either.

She wanted details: who, when, how many times. But he shut down, unable to even look her in the eye.

She had found the Free Her System before she knew about the affair, and now it guided her forward. She was quiet, still, and at rest. Her feelings were all over the place, but she trusted the system. Her best friend had saved love through Free Her, and she hoped to do the same.

His job as vice-president took him all over the factory and sometimes out of town. She knew it could be anybody, almost anywhere. The LUV strategy told her to find quiet and focus on their relationship, to express and exhale the hurt without feeding her mind with details. She believed that LUV had revealed the affair, and LUV was going to fix it.

Her grief, and the kindness and gentleness that came from the peace she had found within the system, helped guide him back home. Over the years, her fear that he would cheat on her had caused her to act out. It created a distance between them, and in that distance, her fear had actually come true. She had felt him slipping away, and that’s when she decided to explore Free Her.

The Save Love Experience exposed the fear behind her words and feelings. It helped identify the problem, and then Crisis helped her grieve the pain that was behind the fear. She loved her newfound freedom. She loved feeling feminine and powerful again. She was not a victim. She was going to win. And then she discovered the emails and texts that proved that he was having an affair.

He was surprised at how calm and collected she appeared. He had expected drama and anger and a lot of fighting, but she was at peace, even though she was hurt. She was calm even while her heart was hemorrhaging.

She didn’t know when things changed, but slowly she saw a shift happening. He was owning the pain he had caused her. He was drawn back to her. This was the woman that had attracted him years ago. Her quiet confidence drew him into a relationship and he was being called into that relationship again. The other woman suddenly seemed needy. She sensed she was losing him, and her desperation killed whatever attraction had been between them.

It was hard to completely accept him back. Her mind still wanted information and details, yet LUV said it was not the issue. Their relationship was the issue. Healing together was the issue. LUV and the other women who were with her in the system kept her on track. He was growing confident in her love, and that helped the healing of both of their hearts.

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