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She had the perfect wedding.

A carriage brought her to the venue and then swept them away afterward. The ceremony, the reception, the honeymoon – perfect in every way. And so were the first two years. It was a dream relationship, full of great vacations and a brand new home. She thought it couldn’t get any better. And then her world crashed.

He had promoted a young assistant at work. She was very grateful for the promotion and pay increase, and they began a sexual relationship. He enjoyed the attention, but didn’t think it was a big deal; they were just playing around. He didn’t actually care for her, and she had a romantic interest in someone else, but the damage was done. He found that he loved the sexual freedom outside of marriage and it broke something in him. A door was opened, and his wife could tell.

She tried being more creative in the bedroom to bring him back home. He seemed sorry for the affair – it had messed things up at work and he eventually had to find another job. He also began looking for another woman. Now that the door was open, his wife knew it was only a matter of time before someone stepped through it.

She didn’t like being quiet and still. She was a high achieving woman who liked to win. The Free Her system told her to win you have to die, die to the monster. The Save Love Experience exposed the monster and she dealt with it. She loved the insight and the effectiveness of the system. It was available 24/7, at her fingertips. She felt relieved when the clarity and stable footing she found through the system began to help her healing. She was seeing what was real, not what she feared or hoped, but the truth.

She invited him to join her in the Crisis program. He hesitated. They had tried a couple of counselors who were bent on shaming him back into the marriage and relationship, but this was different. It wasn’t easy and he had a lot to deal with, but the Save Love Experience fascinated him. He loved the insight and the challenge. His monster had been in charge almost all of his life, and he wanted to be free of its influence and manipulation. Together they pressed forward, and came to a place of being one again.

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