Blog Why Texting Is Cheating

To be one in heart, soul and mind means you are unconditional and very intentional in your movement toward each other. Love must grow or die. The relationship must grow or die.

There is a rush of emotion that happens when you get the text. That emotional rush is because of something new, something fresh, something forbidden. It is easy to get intoxicated and say to yourself that you can handle this “wrongness”. You know it is wrong.

You keep it up and you will slip into the next lie: “Wrong is easier than right.” You will keep doing this. It feels good. You deserve a break are all the lies that will try to get you to keep texting when you know it is way beyond where it is supposed to be.

The last stage of cheating is Wrong is Right. You now believe the lie. You will defend the lie. And the lie will now destroy the relationship.

If you are giving emotional energy to another through texting, you are cheating. STOP CHEATING and love her, love him. The dilution is minor but deadly. It is enough to kill the relationship eventually. Stop cheating. Love.

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